Job Responsibilities

High salary for foreign trade network operation

specializes in the production and sales of circuit protection components! Now, due to the needs of foreign business development, we need to recruit 3-5 network operators. The specific treatment and conditions are as follows: the specific treatment is as follows:
1、Salary: 3500-8000 yuan per month + 0.5% - 1% business commission of turnover, average salary of 8000-10000 yuan per month for one year。
2、The company provides five insurances and one fund, and the working hours are five working days; Biweekly six day working day

The specific requirements are as follows:
1、College degree or above, major in international trade, business English, marketing, etc. CET-4 or above, fluent in writing
2、Working experience in Alibaba English station is preferred. Job responsibilities: familiar with Alibaba foreign trade background operation platform; Easy to operate
3、Fresh graduates are welcome
4、Careful work, initiative, strong sense of responsibility, strong executive ability, hardworking, team spirit.

Contact person: Mr. Chen
Interview address: Haicang District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province
Location: No.89, shanbianzhong Road, Haicang (Dongfu), Xiamen City, Fujian Province
Contact information:13588888888
Number of recruits:4